October 24, 2013

Book Buzz 2014

When you're as big of a book lover as I am, you know that there is nothing greater than getting a sneak peak into the titles that are coming out in 2014. I went to a seminar yesterday where representatives from various publishing houses hosted an event for librarians and gave brief summaries on the children, young adults, fiction, and no-fiction books that are coming out next year. It was great to meet so many people, a lot of very kind librarians, and to hear the buzz about what's coming out this upcoming winter and spring season. I also volunteered at the registration table and with the raffle tickets. My favorite part, however, was the gift bags - yep, I lugged all of those books home with me on the subway from midtown to the Bronx. Worth it? Absolutely. Do I need a massage? Yes. But first, I'm going to tackle that book pile.

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