October 28, 2013

Sugar Flower Cake Shop: Sugar Peony Making Workshop

Last Thursday, I joined my cousin for a workshop at Sugar Flower Bakeshop where we learned how to make sugar peony flowers that can be used to decorate cakes. After scrubbing our hands, we joined four other ladies at our table and learned that it takes 5 days to make a sugar flower because you need to let the layers of gum paste (the material the flower is made of) dry and that it costs $8 to purchase just one sugar flower. The ladies were very helpful with everyone's questions and were able to condense a five day process into two hours by giving us dried versions of the ones that we just created; at the end, we used colored powder to paint the flowers. Overall the class was a lot of fun and went by really quickly - the best part is that the four flowers I was able to take home last forever so they can be used again and again. 

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