November 21, 2013

An Overcast Thursday

To say that my commute to and from work is getting to me is a severe understatement. Trying to see the bright side of this overcast Thursday, here are a few things making me happy today.
  1. I have tomorrow off, meaning I can really delve into my Ireland planning, start watching the second season of Breaking Bad, go on a long brisk walk with the dog, and just unwind from a stressful few weeks
  2. I'm attending my first book club meeting at the beginning of December. We're reading World War Z
  3. Christmas decorations have popped up all throughout Manhattan. Since we're nearing the end of November, I'm finally ready to embrace the Christmas spirit
  4. Attempt my hand at one of these recipes to bring to our family Thanksgiving dinner
  5. A jam-packed weekend filled with friends, double dates, and movies theaters

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