November 6, 2013

DiWine and Cavo

To celebrate a friend’s birthday this past weekend, we ventured into Astoria, Queens on Saturday night for dinner at DiWine and dancing at Cavo. We arrived earlier than everyone else (a first in my book – that’s what happens when you are on a timelier person’s schedule) and got drinks at the bar. DiWine is a cozy little place with exposed brick and billowing curtains but obviously my favorite part was the fall foliage decorations. For drinks, I got The November which was the drink special for the night and while the pumpkin flavor was good, I would definitely recommend going with The Peanut Butter cocktail instead. For dinner, we split a cheese plate and I got the Crusty Salmon which was delicious, though the garlic spinach was watery and the potatoes were a bit undercooked. It was fairly expensive (keep in mind that you're talking to a frugalista), but the atmosphere made up for it. The place was filled so I would recommend making a reservation.

After dinner, we all wandered across the street to Cavo which proved to be tricky to get into since the guys were wearing sneakers. Luckily though, there were more girls than guys and the birthday girl played the birthday card :) It was a huge place and we went to the back where it a DJ was beginning to play for the night. The bar was huge but the drinks were absurdly expensive, which is not unusual for a NYC club, but, you know, we were in Queens. It started filling up around midnight and everyone danced the night away. I knew it was time to go when my comfy heels were no longer comfy and thankfully everyone was leaving too.

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