November 13, 2013

Ed Sheeran at Madison Square Garden

Not to go all hipster on you, but I liked Ed Sheeran first.

Before he was performing sold out shows at Madison Square Garden, before he opened for Taylor Swift, and long before he had any songs on the radio. I just get very territorial when it comes to music that I feel particularly connected to. There really is no need to go into details about why Ed Sheeran is great - just listen to any one of his songs and you'll understand why. His lyrics are poetry because he describes simple statements in a simple and beautiful way. The A-Team is a perfect example - he's talking about a cracked out prostitute, but you have to do a double take when you first hear the words.

Last friday was the second show of his that I eagerly attended - I went on November 1 and thought it was one of the best shows I've ever been to. Yesterday's show was even better because we sat so close to the stage, and I brought my Nikon in order to try and take nicer pictures than my cell phone. My friend is just the best and scored us floor tickets where we were so close to the stage. There was no band, just him, his guitar, and some recording thing-a-ma-jig* that played back whatever chords he recorded on the spot. There was only one other show that I've been to where I literally felt like I was blending in with the music and the crowd. When you're in love with somebody's music, when you connect with their words and sounds, when it almost is too painful because you can't get any closer to the song other than jamming headphones further into your ears, it is crucial to capture the moments when you're given the chance to live it out loud, up close to where they are performing, with people around you that feel the exact same way that you do. Because it is literally the closest you can ever get to making that feeling tangible. And now, it's the long wait until Ed's tours the US again. 

*I love music, but clearly I'm not familiar with the technical terms.

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