November 7, 2013

Ireland 2014

I'm SO excited that on New Year's Day, I'll be traveling to IRELAND! I've been fortunate enough to visit a slew of other European countries that I would love to one day return to and explore further, but Ireland has always been a high priority for me to visit. While I've just begun researching activities and places to visit, we'll be in Dublin the whole time and might venture out into the countryside for a day to explore. The first thing I've done after the trip was booked was borrow travel guides from the library and begin planning and creating an agenda, however I've also been looking at travel blogs, Yelp reviews, and the official Dublin travel site. I'm excited to research Irish history, make packing lists, ask for tips and recommendations from those who have been to Ireland, shop for new clothes and accessories, read some Irish folklore and novels, and break out my camera

The great Gaels of Ireland

The lord hath made them mad

For all their wars are merry

And all their songs are sad 
- G.K. Chesterton

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