January 22, 2014

Bob Whites Lunch And Supper Counter

We like switching things up for our date nights, for the sake of letting our palettes try something new. We were thinking Southern Comfort food so we decided to venture to Alphabet City and see what Bob White Lunch and Supper Counter had to offer. By the name, I thought it would have been a small dingy diner looking place with a counter you sit at and watch the cooks cook (think Waffle House) but I was pleasantly surprised at how sleek and sophisticated the place was. It was small and there were mainly fried things on the menu (as to be expected) but it looked like it could have been a fancy four star restaurant. We both got the fried chicken supper and split a side of the macaroni and cheese. I could count on three fingers the times I've had fried chicken as it's not something I usually lean towards, but this fried chicken was incredible. I had two wings and a breast and it had a perfectly crispy crust with surprisingly tender and juicy white meat. I thought the honey and hot sauce combo was okay, but my favorite was the buffalo sauce I requested. The bisquit was fluffy and buttery and the salad had a tangy dressing. I've mentioned before that I'm a pasta snob, and that nobody makes mac and cheese like my mom, but this creamy, cheesy, al dente, with a bit of a kick to it mac and cheese takes a nice second spot. The waiter was really nice. Eat here.

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