January 11, 2014

Dublin Day 2: The Guinness Storehouse

After our stop at Kilmainham Gaol, we walked a few blocks back and headed into The Guinness Storehouse which was a fun touristy place to have a break from the busy morning. It was still fairly early for a beer, so we took our time exploring the museum before we got our pint (included in the entrance ticket) around noon. I learned that there are four specially selected ingredients used in Guinness: water from the Wicklow Mountains,  twice the amount of female hops, yeast, and malted barley. There is also a special way to pour a Guinness draft. The factory is shaped like a huge pint of Guinness with the top floor being a bar with glass windows where you can see the entire city perimeter of Dublin. We enjoyed our pint up there and gazed out at the city while resting our weary legs from a morning filled with really fast walking. Since we hit both the Gaol and the Storehouse before noon, we took our time the rest of the afternoon to see a bunch of museums before they closed at 5pm.

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