January 11, 2014

Dublin Day 2: Kilmainham Gaol

On Friday morning, we got up super early, mostly because we wanted to get started on the day as early as possible, but also because we went to bed so early the night before. We had an awesome breakfast spread from our hotel that was filled with Irish bacon, soda bread, scones, coffee, eggs. The list goes on. We left early to take on the 40 minute walk from our hotel to Kilmainham Gaol, a jail first built in 1796 that became famous for housing Irish rebel leaders in the early 20th century during the quest for independence from the United Kingdom. We got a bit lost, walking south instead of west and a 40 minute walk turned into a 2 hour search for the jail, but once we asked a few kind locals, we got on the right path. We took the 10am tour and learned a lot about Irish history, particularly the Easter Rising in 1916 and the various leaders who fought for independence. After that we stopped by St. James Church for a brief moment before we headed over to the Guinness Storehouse.

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