January 17, 2014

Four Questions

I like reading articles that make you think. This one in particular was great to help contemplate the year ahead, especially since I can't seem to shake the feeling that change of some sort is forthcoming - both the nervous and exciting changes. Below are the four questions that are asked; the article gives some insight on how to answer them, but what I find most interesting are my own less than satisfactory answers. And how I want to change those answers into responses I can be proud of. So ask yourself these questions and think about your own upcoming year and how you can become proud of yourself.
  1. How much of your day do you spend consuming what other people have created? How often do you create?
  2. How can you build a platform this year for you to stand on next year?
  3. What are you doing that actually matters?
  4. How can you inject more awe and wonder into your life?  

At the end of the day, the only things that seem to have any lasting significance 
are the things that we build or create and the relationships that we have.
Oh, and this is what I'm wearing today.

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