February 7, 2014

Leopard Print Life

So, I haven't exactly stayed true to my February goal of an outfit a day, (really just an outfit during the work week). I was great on Monday and loved what I pulled together. Tuesday was another great outfit day, I just didn't get a chance to document it. Wednesday was the nasty day of snow so I dressed very down (I'm talking jeans and a plain black shirt) and Thursday's outfit was acceptable but not really blog worthy. Today's outfit was fine as well, it was just all black with a black lacy top, still not very blog worthy. But I did love the pop of animal print and these ballet flats are super duper comfortable so they get a shout out. I have a friend of a friend's birthday tonight and I brought heels to change into once I'm done commuting down to the restaurant, but honestly, these might remain on the entire night. Less than two years working in New York City and I'm already over the whole heels thing.

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