February 3, 2014

SuperBowl Fail

When I say Superbowl Fail, I'm not talking Broncos. I’m not a big fan of football, but I do enjoy watching big sporting games with a fun excited crowd. Amidst all of the bbq wings, empanadas, beer, and fried everything, I thought I would bring a sweet dessert to balance out the savory bites. Enter cake pops. Easy to bake as I didn’t have to turn the oven on, and I used cake mix from a box so I didn’t have to worry about measurements. And still, I managed to mess it up. Mixing and baking went smoothly, if not tedious because they’re so small, but I was on a roll. I was going places. Once I got to the decorating part though, all hell broke loose. Icing them made them look lumpy and unappetizing so I melted chocolate over the stove and decided to dip them in order to create a candy chocolate coating. Double chocolate cake pops? Brilliant. I placed them in the freezer to set for about twenty minutes and they froze solid. Fifteen minutes too long apparently. I would have brought them to defrost at the party, but they were stuck to the plate and even afterwards when I came home, they crumbled hopelessly. There’s always next year though, to which I will try and tackle these.

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