May 21, 2014

Bliss Dairy Bar and Grill

Yeah, you're looking at that last picture correctly. Penne vodka in a wrap. It's almost like I want to die of cardiac arrest. But when it comes to outrageous lunches, it's a death I would gladly welcome. Aside from the dramatics, a friend of a friend recommended Bliss Dairy Bar and Grill to us and even though it was all the way up in Mahopac, we stopped by since the festival we were at on Sunday was halfway there anyway. The tiny place off the side of the road definitely lived up to it's hype. The BF and I split two wraps - the buffalo chicken wrap was the perfect blend of spicy and savory and melt in your mouth. The penne vodka and chicken parmigiana wrap was as decadent as you would imagine it to be - worth the experience, though the penne was overcooked and a bit bland. But we all know how much of a pasta snob I am at this point, right?

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