June 5, 2014

Flowers And Rinos

These flowers were grabbed the morning after a work event that we hosted in our office and one week later, they're still going strong! If they didn't have a smell and didn't feel real, I would seriously think that they were fake. Anyway, this is a small corner of my desk at work. Isn't it fun?! Gotta love plush rhinos and page-a-day calendars. On another note, tonight I'm going to see Fran Drescher in Cinderella on Broadway and am so.excited. And on Saturday, I'm seeing Aladdin with Phil for our one year anniversary. Even. more. excited. And on one last note to finish this random post of ramblings, my challenge of waking up 30 minutes earlier isn't going too well. I'm hoping to edit some photos I've taken these past few weeks and put them up here, but I just haven't gotten around to it since when I come home I'm so tired. But it'll get done and I can't wait to sit and look through them and give them all my love and TLC.

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