April 3, 2016

We're Going To Europe!

I'm so excited because we just booked tickets to Europe at the end of May! After a lot of back and forth and different information floating around, we finally sat down, figured out timing and pricing and purchased a roundtrip ticket for all four of us plus my aunt. We're flying out to meet my sister who is currently studying abroad and then flying home all together. We'll be gone the last two weeks of May and I have a pretty ambitious itinerary set for us. The nice part is that nothing is set in stone, so we can change things up as much as we want while still having some sense of structure. If all goes to plan, we'll start in Milan, pass through Liechtenstein on our way to Austria and hit Innsbruck and Salzburg. Then we'll drive to Munich, Germany and see some of the country side on the way to Belgium. Since Brussels and Antwerp is too far away, we'll stop quickly in Luxembourg and then go to a tiny town within the Belgium border. We'll then drive across to Paris, where we'll spend a few days exploring and finish in Italy for the final few days with my mother's family. Again, pretty ambitious trying to hit 7 countries in 2 weeks, but I'm sure we'll find the right balance between seeing a lot of countries and seeing a lot within those countries.

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