March 28, 2016

#LTxMPGSPORT Meet and Great with Julianne Hough

On Wednesday, I ventured over to the Lord and Taylor's on Fifth Ave to stand in line and meet Julianne Hough. Ballroom is a pretty big part of my life: I've been watching Dancing with the Stars since high school (from the second season on), joined the ballroom dance team for all four years in college, took a dance lesson package from Dance With Me, and create impossible routines in my head when I listen to music. Safe to say that even though I haven't actively danced in almost four years, it's still very much a part of my every day. So when I saw on Julianne's Instagram account that she was doing a meet and great to promote her athleisure line with MPG, I eagerly went over and stood in line for about an hour. Thankfully, they were giving out flavored water to everyone in line, so I was able to hydrate.

Julianne came out a half and hour after the event started and the line moved fairly quickly. Right before it was my turn to go up, they paused to fix the photbooth camera and to give her a break (because posing with people for straight twenty minutes can be downright exhausting). We made eye contact at one point and she smiled and waved a me (!!) and then it was my turn to go up. I was able to give her a big hug and tell her how I was looking forward to this all day. She said thanks so much for coming and then before I knew it, I was waiting in another line to give my email address to have my picture with her sent to me. We weren't allowed to use our phones or take pictures of her up close. She was very nice but it happened so fast and before you know it, you're done. I wound up returning the tank top I bought at the event because I have so many gym clothes and honestly don't go to the gym enough to justify buying clothing at full retail price. But I'm so glad I went and still can't believe I was able to hug and speak briefly to a teenage inspiration of mine!

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