July 1, 2016

Glamour Magazine x Frye - Meeting Amber from The Barefoot Blonde

I was scrolling through my Instagram on the train the other morning when I saw a post from Amber Fillerup, the blogger behind Barefoot Blonde. She was doing a meet and greet in the soho location of Frye. It was hosted by Glamour Magazine and promised a braid bar, free booze, and snack bites so I thought, why the hell not go. After work on Thursday, I made the quick walk over and stood in line. We were finally allowed in and my initial thought of "I may be all by myself but I'll just talk to some people and make new best friends forever!" quickly turned into "oh gosh, I don't know anyone and I just want a glass of wine and a braid and my train home." It turns out than a former coworker from my old job was attending the event since she now works at Glamour, so I was able to catch up with her and a few other former coworkers. 

At the braid bar, we could choose between three different styles, and I picked a fishtail braid that would wrap around my hair. While it was nice feeling VIP and getting my hair braided, it fell flat pretty quickly and didn't stay pinned in my hair, so that was kind of disappointing. While the line to meet Amber was long, I was able to catch the tail end and quickly say hi to both her and her husband. Both were incredibly nice, though she seemed tired from talking to so many people in a short amount of time. Since they just came back from a few vacations, I asked where she planned to travel next but she wasn't sure, as they plan their vacations fairly last minute. 

We left about an hour into the event and went to grab dinner at Angelo's in Little Italy, where we sat at the table next to Kelly Osbourne and Kelly Kutrone!

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