May 7, 2016

Bagel Boss

Last night one of my best friends and I went out to meet up with one of her friends near Union Square for a work event. After going to a few bars in the area, we wound up in Murray Hill, where she lives, and finished the night in some local bars. I crashed at her place and then the next morning we went to Bagel Boss and ordered an iced coffee and bacon, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel. I was dreaming about my high caloried and oh so delicious bacon, egg, and cheese that entire morning and was delighted to break the bagel in half and see the melted cheese fall apart. It was heaven. And then I noticed that there was no bacon on my bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich and wanted to die. It quickly became hell. The sandwich was still good but it wasn't great because of said missing bacon, so if you ever go to Bagel Boss and decide to order a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, do yourself a solid and check for the bacon.

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