May 24, 2013

Daily Snapshot: Morning Ritual

I’m a spontaneous person by nature. Sure, when I go out I like to have an idea of what’s going to happen. Yeah, schedules make me happy. Ultimately though, if something fun and random pops up, I say go for it. Tina Fey even explained the power of saying “yes.” I think spontaneity is one of the most treasured characteristics of life; some of the best things happen when you least expect it. That being said, I crave the consistency of my morning routine at work. I’ve noticed I’ve been getting out of bed later and later these past few weeks; I wake up at the same time, yes, but kicking the blankets aside has become a challenge I’m quickly failing at. So to get some control back into my mornings, I follow this routine at work. It doesn’t always happen at the same time in the mornings, but it’s fairly consistent. I put my stuff down at my desk, check my email, shuffle some very important* excel sheets into their proper folders and then make my way into our office kitchenette (to call it a kitchen would be an insult to my favorite room in the house.) I rinse my coffee teacup, choose a Keurig cup (usually Breakfast Blend,) push the 8 oz. button, stick the little red stirrer stick thing in my cup and get the non-fat fake milk from the refrigerator, all while the Kuerig is hard at work dripping out my coffee. Then I step to the side because someone is usually waiting to get their morning java jolt, and delightfully watch how the fake milk swirls together with the coffee. I usually have flavored Quaker oatmeal packets in my desk drawer and eat that for breakfast. Today I treated myself to a bagel with whipped cream cheese (my weakness) that I brought from home. I should probably invest in a dainty little saucer to go along with my favorite dainty owl teacup, but I’m not that classy so I’ll stick to my paper plate or Downey paper towel. Also, I chose French Roast this morning. So if that is any indication to how ca-razy this weekend is going to be, I’ll be holding on to my socks.

*not that important

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