June 7, 2013

A Good Stretch And Frizzy Hair

On rainy days like today, all I want to do is stay in, sleep late, and remain tightly balled underneath the comforters. But reality has me up and at 'em, rain boots and umbrella in hand (and on feet obviously,) and sore all over the place from yesterday's work. I can't wait to get home, sit on my yoga mat (I have to dust it off, it hasn't been used in so long) and pretend to be a yogi by stretching everything out. Because sometimes, that's all you need: a good stretch.

Despite the rain, I was invited to dinner tonight and I just have to laugh at the way my brain works. I washed my hair last night because it was pretty gross from sweat, dirt, sunscreen, bug spray, leaves, etc. and was going to straighten it this morning. Then, since it's raining and because I have the worst hair ever, I figured why bother straightening it when it's going to frizz up at the slightest hint of humidity? So I went to work, looking like a fool with my hair in a frizzy ponytail (I ran out of hairspray,) and not quite sure what clothes I put on since I was a quarter awake this morning (colors include, but not limited to: maroon, black, gray, white, and blue. I mean?) This evening, I'm going to straighten my hair because I still have a little bit of dignity left and would like to be presentable in a social setting if not in a professional one. All that to say: why didn't I just straighten my hair this morning and look as possibly presentable in both settings? Oh, me..

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