June 7, 2013


Yesterday, the publishing company I work for partnered with Rebuilding Together and a few other sponsors (like Lowes and Crate and Barrel to name a few) and went to Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn to help clean up some homes and buildings that were damaged during Hurricane Sandy. I was part of Team Garden where we went to a library that is still closed and helped weed the huge garden and clean it up. Although it was a long day and we didn't finish the whole garden, it went by quickly and the weather was perfect. Most of the day was spent digging out dead grass, weeding, chopping down dead branches and more weeding. The last hour was spent planting flowers, shrubs, and bushes. It was awesome to meet so many new people at work and though it was physically tiring (my forearms are killing me this morning,) it was nice to help out in any way possible. My proudest accomplishment of the day has to be avoiding the port-a-potties. Priorities are clearly in order. 
Photos via Instagram/iPhone

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