June 10, 2013

Weekend Recap: Rainy Nights Are Alright


With only a three day workweek ahead, I’m looking forward to next weekend (it’s kind of my birthday on Saturday) and I'm obnoxiously dedicating this whole week to me (internally, of course. I would never subject my friends to celebrating ME more than they have to. My family, maybe. But not my friends.) I have plans to get a mani-pedi in an actual nail salon and not Salon di’ Riordan (aka, my bathroom.) I'm also going to a show in New Jersey on Wednesday and I. Cannot. Wait. This will be the first time I’ll be driving outside of New York/on the Cross Bronx Expressway and I’m taking the next two days off of work for what will surely be the necessary space of time needed to recover from the experience. In my excitement for this week, let’s talk about last weekend, yeah?

  • Friday was a rainy mess, but I still managed to meet my brother after work, run home/straighten my hair, and be out the door by 7:30pm (okay, 7:36pm) for dinner at Thirty3 Sixty3, a new steakhouse in the Bronx. It was good and fun times were had. We stayed for three hours, only one of it eating. I had a beer and he had a fruity drink, so I’m pretty sure gender lines were blurred a bit there. Afterwards, we met with friends at a bar down the block and I ran into an old classmate from the grammar school days. Tip: When you're introduced to someone you already know and he doesn’t remember you, act like you don’t remember him either and make a new friend even though he’s technically an old one. Otherwise, you’ll wind up like me, shouting over loud music/someone singing karaoke very much out of key, saying “Um, we already know each other! From grammar school! FROM GRAMMAR SCHOOL!” and then staring at each other for a very awkward ten seconds as realization slowly starts to creep into the other person’s face. Grim smiles and strained conversation will abound.

  • Saturday afternoon was spent cleaning my room and coordinating that evening’s festivities. Side note #1: I know I’m always talking about cleaning my room. I’m sure by now you’re thinking that it should be spotless. It’s not. Not even close. Side note #2: I’m the worst with coordinating different groups of friends to come together. I will proudly say that it was a success, with all seven of us happy and only one hostess unhappy. Apparently, in Blockheads, you can only sit down if you have the exact number of people you are with and they don’t accept reservations. Well, we started out with only two, and slowly, more people joined. It managed to work out, my fajita sticky bowl was good, albeit spicy (I don’t like spice, so. Me dumb) and we left afterwards to go to The $3 Tavern and some other sports bar that I’m blanking on the name. The $3 Tavern was fun, drinks were cheap (can you guess how much?) although it was really crowded, smelly, and the air hockey table had no air. Awkward? Yeah, it was. We got in late, but I’ve always been a night owl. Hoot hoot.

  • Sunday I finally got my massage at MaMa Spa. Say it a few times, it’s kind of fun.  I learned that a Swedish Massage means a full body massage. I wasn’t expecting that, so you can imagine my surprise. There were points that instead of relaxing, I was actually very tense. Ironic? Yeah it was. But so is my entire life.

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