September 9, 2013

Smorgasburg: A Food Tour

Not everything I do is well thought out - sometimes my life motto is "screw it, just do it." Not a good motto in most situations, but usually it gets the ball rolling. With Smorgasburg though, I subconsciously made it a priority to please my palette and eat all the delicious delicacies available in the original dining order - appetizer, entree, desert and of course a drink to go along with it. Read below to keep drooling...

Devoured in order: pigs in a blanket from Brooklyn Piggies, Moroccan meatball sliders from Nadia's Kitchen, the watermelon cucumber lemonade from Bee Hive Oven, mac and cheese (small size) from Milk Truck, and the brownie brittle crunch ice cream sandwich from The Good Batch

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