November 19, 2013

A Gift To Give: Christmas Gifts For Him 2013

With the holidays rolling swiftly in, it's safe to say that I have no idea what to get anybody for Christmas. Sure, I have my Christmas wishlist written down, ready to send to Santa on 12/1, but as for what I'm getting friends and family, I'm left all disconcerted. Hearing that people have already bought me some gifts (as in plural), I'm in panic mode and it's only the middle of November. Why is this happening so soon? It's still 60 degrees out. Dang you retail stores and media for putting the pressure on. I wanted to eat my 5 pound bag of leftover Halloween candy in peace and instead, I'm crying into my red Starbucks holiday cup (let's be real here: the free coffee offered at work). Anyways, I caved and am now in full planning mode for the holidays, along with creating my Ireland Adventure agenda, and since what calms me down the most are lists, here are some Gift Ideas for the Him in your life. Gift Ideas for Her is coming up after!

  1. Reminiscent of the Art of Shaving, Harry's Truman shave set keeps the quality, but ditches the hefty price tag
  2. If your man doesn't use a razor, but still needs some skin TLC, Kiehl's Facial Fuel set will help him before and after shaving. 
  3. A deck of cards to bring to any holiday party that features facts, vocabulary, and tips about beer
  4. For the guy who loves vintage inspired items, this wooden smartphone radio dock calls forth old school nostalgia
  5. Any sports lover will guffaw over these leather head sports balls
  6. If you want him to get crafty but he's not into the DIY movement, encourage his creativity by getting him Gintry & Co. Handcrafted Gin Pack
  7. A gift to give prior to Christmas, this whiskey advent calendar will help him get through the holiday bustle
  8. Wallets are an everyday staples, so they should be a modern luxury like this Longchamp wallet. Personally, I would scour the outlets for quality leather at a more affordable price.
  9. The best tool to maximize musical enjoyment are these Sennheiser Ear Headphones
  10. Wool, cashmere, cotton - you can never go wrong with comfy sweaters

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