January 9, 2014

Dublin, Day 1: An Evening Stroll

After eating dinner at the awesome The Bank on College Green restaurant, we strolled around the city some more. The jet lag was totally throwing us - it felt so late in the evening but it was only 6:30pm. We didn't want to go to sleep too early and create a bad sleep schedule so we tried to beat the weariness by walking around and seeing the city at night. We walked down Grafton Street which had fun street performers and closed department stores. We ducked into a random bar called The Old Stand where we ordered our first Guinness of the trip. I ordered a half pint because I couldn't knock back a full pint and the bartender gave me a glass - tomato/tomahto. The pub was small and cozy and everyone in there were locals - yay for traveling in the off season. I think this was the start of my love affair with Guinness.

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