April 23, 2014

Sullivan Bistro

On Friday evening after work, I met up with the BF and we wandered around. We were hungry but we wanted to stumble into a place. More wandering and hunger led us to Sullivan Bistro, a cute name and storefront that has an air of Francophile but lacks the sophistication and refinement of a true French eatery.  The menu was your standard pub fare and the small space had the potential  to be a unique French-bistro experience  but fell flat into diner territory. I ordered the Homemade Potato Gnochi With Gorgonzola Sauce, Toasted Walnuts and White Truffle Oil which sounds a lot more promising than it really was. While it was good, I felt like the cream sauce was too heavy and rich and by the time I was finished, I needed something sweet to combat the savory-ness. The store-bought gnocchi wasn’t mushy which was a relief, though the walnuts that were dumped on top of the plate were completely out of place and made for a distracting addition. Hopefully, we’ll find another bistro with more a authentic French cuisine and  atmosphere.

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