March 15, 2016

Beating The Blues of Winter

This past weekend was one of my favorite holidays of the year. No, it wasn't Christmas or my birthday. Not even Thanksgiving where's there's no pressure except to eat as much as you can. It was Daylights Saving's Time. Yes, the catch is you loose an hour of sleep, but I'll take that and more if it means that the days seems longer. There is nothing quite like leaving work after 5:00 PM and it's still light out. Granted, this wasn't the worst winter for me; it actually felt like it went by very fast. Perhaps what helped was that I would walk across town to my train home instead of taking the closer one, and I made it a point to enjoy all the lights that you can only see when it's dark. Either way, March, which was one of my most hated months of the year, as quickly become one of my favorites because with it comes the anticipation of spring, warmer weather, eating outside, and just a general happier environment. Cheers!

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