March 16, 2016

Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah

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Finished Reading: Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah

I'm somebody who is surrounded by books all day. Literally. I work in the largest trade book publishing company so I have a nice big bookshelf in my office and there are bookshelf lined halls in my building. And then of course there are the piles of books in my room of favorites that I've read and many that I have yet to read. I love everything about the book industry but truthfully, it's very rare that I buy books anymore. I either get them for free at work and events or I go support my local library and borrow books. I read so many that I've found myself loosing track of books that I've read. I started a Goodreads account simply to keep track, but I don't turn to it as often as I should. I also love trying different types of tea (though coffee will always be my life line) and have recently gotten over my frugal thinking that burning candles is like burning away money. So here we are. Hopefully this will become a space where I can write a brief book review of novels that I've finished and show what types of teas I'm drinking and what candles I'm burning at the moment.

I just finished reading Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah and really enjoyed it. Hannah has become a popular author of the moment and this was my first novel of hers; it didn't disappoint! It's a story about Dr. Julia Cates, who after a scandal destroys here career, returns back to her hometown to help her estranged sister figure out the identity of a little girl. The girl they call Alice appeared from out of the woods and is unable to speak due to severe trauma. The story moved quickly and the ending was heartbreaking. 

Ultimately, is it a book that I would buy for my collection to reread again? No, probably not, but I enjoyed it for what it was!

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